Providing the resources of a large law firm while maintaining the personalized service and cost-effectiveness of a small firm.

About Us

McLaughlin Legal is a boutique San Diego tax law firm, organized into two overlapping and complementary practice areas: (1) tax litigation and controversies, and (2) tax and estate planning. We provide responsive solutions for all types of civil and criminal tax disputes, like audits, appeals, and U.S. Tax Court litigation, but we also help individuals, families, and businesses with tax and estate planning issues. To do this the firm relies on its three guiding values: (1) personalized service, (2) concentrated practice areas, and (3) a commitment to our clients. McLaughlin Legal's goal is to ensure our clients' rights are protected, they enjoy tax efficient endeavors, and they preserve their wealth while achieving greater family or business goals.

Meet our Attorneys

Mauro P. Colabianchi

Mauro P. Colabianchi handles all facets of Federal and California tax law, but focuses his practice in McLaughlin Legal’s Tax Litigation and Controversy area.  Mauro


Kevan P. McLaughlin

Kevan P. McLaughlin is an award winning San Diego tax attorney whose practice focuses on civil and criminal tax litigation and controversies. Kevan defends taxpayers


Anne E. Wenger

Anne E. Wenger is a San Diego tax attorney whose practices focuses primarily on tax and estate planning matters. Anne counsels individuals, families, and entrepreneurs


I met Kevan about a year and a half ago. He was a referral from another lawyer. He has been fantastic from the start. He examined my case then told me we had a strong case for the OIC. We ran into several obstacles but he remained diligent. My offer was just accepted and he saved me 95% on what was owed to the IRS. I have worked with several other lawyers and he is the best of all of them. He definitely exceeded any expectations I had. I would highly recommend him for any tax issues you may have.

This man knows his business extremely well. He is what all lawyers should try to be. He charges an extremely fair price for outstanding work. He bills what should be billed and works toward a resolution and a win for you. If you are lucky enough to have found him and are considering retaining him do so with full confidence the man is worth every penny you spend and more and most of all he doesn’t “BS.” I have been a client for years and he has always represented me and my businesses with unparalleled professionalism and service!

Hands down the best lawyer I have ever dealt with. Saved me over $30,000 in taxes from the IRS demand letter and did it while easing my fears and walking me through the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone who needs tax help.

Awards & Accomplishments