McLaughlin Legal represent individuals and businesses with a variety of tax issues, including IRS audits, drafting wills and trusts, Federal and California tax collection matters like offers in compromiseestate administrations, probates, and more.

To do this, McLaughlin Legal is organized into two different, but complementary, practice areas: (1) tax litigation and controversies, and (2) tax and estate planning.

1. Tax Litigation and Controversies2. Tax and Estate Planning

Within these two practice areas, McLaughlin Legal strives to provide each client with good judgment, personalized legal services, and great results.  McLaughlin Legal prides itself on our three core values:

1. Concentrated Practice Areas2. Personalized Service3. Committed to Clients

McLaughlin Legal’s structure, plus our experience and concentration on tax litigation and tax controversies, allows us to represent clients who have tax problems (like an IRS audit or California tax issue) and also advise on other tax law issues with a perspective not found elsewhere.  We strive to provide the highest quality services to anyone who entrusts us with their case.

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