McLaughlin Legal counsels a wide range of clients, including individuals, entrepreneurs, families, and owners of closely held businesses, on all types of tax and estate planning issues.  Because we know that each client’s goals and objectives are unique, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to counseling each client who entrusts us with their matter.

Tax and Estate Planning Services Available

There is a misconception that estate planning involves simply writing a will.  Although a will is part of an estate plan, McLaughlin Legal advises clients on the other critical components of a comprehensive plan.  Only through this process can clients adequately plan for how and to whom their assets will pass, who will make decisions in the case of incapacity, minimize the effects of estate taxes, and achieve other important goals.  McLaughlin Legal offers various tax and estate planning services, including:

Our Approach to Estate & Tax Planning

McLaughlin Legal’s boutique tax law practice can offer you quality services in our areas of expertise not found elsewhere.  Our tax and estate planning practice is also complementary to our tax litigation and controversy practice.  All too often boutique tax litigation firms are hired to fix an immediate tax problem, but never address the underlying issue(s) that gave rise to the dilemma. By understanding the cause of the tax controversy, a client is equipped to address it and avoid future tax problems. Conversely, McLaughlin Legal can advise individuals, families, and businesses on tax and estate planning matters with a perspective not found elsewhere by drawing on our depth of experience in resolving tax disputes.

Because estate planning is planning for incapacity and death, and for easing the burdens on your family, it is important to know each client’s goals and objectives in great detail.  McLaughlin Legal can provide strategies to direct the disposition of your assets at death and designate person(s) to be in charge of your estate, avoid probate proceedings, and more.

Commonly Asked Questions About Planning an Estate. Answered.


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