A tax controversy can range from a tax audit, a protest or administrative appeal, litigating a tax dispute before the United States Tax Court or other judicial body, criminal tax investigations, or resolving a collection dispute with an offer in compromise or installment agreement when a client cannot conveniently pay an IRS, FTB, BOE, or EDD bill.

Tax Controversy and Litigation Issues

McLaughlin Legal has extensive experience helping clients with all varieties of tax problems with the IRS, Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”), Employment Development Department (“EDD”), California State Board of Equalization (“BOE”), California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (“CUIAB”), U.S. Tax Court, and U.S. Department of Justice.

Some of the more specific tax litigation and controversy issues McLaughlin Legal handles include:

McLaughlin Legal’s criminal and civil tax litigation and controversy clients range from individuals to mid-sized businesses, and substantive tax issues involving income, estate and gift, and employment taxes. We also represent clients at all phases of a tax dispute, from audits to protests and administrative appeals, and from court litigation to collection resolution matters like offer in compromises. This experience is crucial to achieving the best results, and our specialization sets us apart from other law firms.

Our Approach to Tax Controversies and Litigation

Resolving a tax dispute successfully requires skill, and not all tax attorneys are equal.  Some of the key attributes needed to achieve great results for clients are:

1. Substantive expertise on a wide range of complex tax issues.2. Advocacy and negotiation skills.3. A command of the rules of tax procedure and evidence.4. Experience and relationships with representatives of the IRS and California taxing agencies.

McLaughlin Legal’s ability to represent clients successfully in civil and criminal tax disputes is enhanced further by our other practice area.  Unlike other tax controversy firms, McLaughlin Legal does not simply put a bandage on your tax problem and move on.  All too often boutique tax litigation firms are hired to fix an immediate tax problem (like an audit, U.S. Tax Court case, or Offer in Compromise), but never address the underlying issue that gave rise to the dilemma. By drawing on our tax and estate planning practice, we can address a tax controversy case and make sure the problem does not happen again.  Moreover, McLaughlin Legal can draw on those same experiences to provide proactive and preventative guidance on numerous tax issues.

Finally, our presence in Southern California has enabled us to create a long-standing professional relationship with the local representatives of the IRS, FTB, EDD, and BOE. McLaughlin Legal’s local presence also enables us to understand and practice both Federal and California tax law. A specialized knowledge of the various and unique ways California tax laws overlaps with Federal tax law can be critical to achieving the best results.

Addressing Disputes Early Maximizes Positive Results

Tax controversy cases are best addressed early to minimize their scope and a client’s exposure. The longer a tax controversy goes neglected, or the more intervening events are allowed to occur with delay, the more likely the outcome will be unfavorable.  Even if McLaughlin Legal is not engaged at the beginning of a civil or criminal tax controversy case, we can still explore every approach to achieving the best outcome possible. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about McLaughlin Legal’s civil and criminal tax litigation practice. Together we can work to resolve your tax dispute.

Interested in Learning More? Interested in Learning More?
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