Tax professionals and tax preparers are not themselves immune from the IRS.  In fact, tax preparer investigations are a common occurrence, and McLaughlin Legal helps defend tax professionals during IRS, Office of Professional Responsibility (“OPR”), and Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (“TIGTA”) investigations.

What are Some of the Issues a Tax Preparer Could Face?

A tax preparer investigation can cover any number of issues.  Some of the more common, that McLaughlin Legal has helped defend against, include:

1. Circular 230 Discipline2. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Due Diligence3. Preparer Penalties4. 31 U.S.C. § 333 Violations5. Criminal Investigations6. Preparer Injunctions

Tax return preparers are frequently the target of criminal investigations.  Some of the crimes that tax return preparers are often charged with include:

  • § 7206 – Fraud and False Statements
  • § 7207 – Fraudulent Returns, Statements, or Other Documents

Why McLaughlin Legal?

McLaughlin Legal is a boutique tax law firm, specialized in defending taxpayers and resolving tax disputes.  Not only do we have extensive experience in defending individuals and businesses, McLaughlin Legal has been on the front lines defending other tax practitioners before the IRS, OPR, and TIGTA.   Our structure, experience, and 3 guiding principals ensure that you will receive representation by tax attorneys who care about getting the best possible results.

1. Personalized2. Specialized3. Committed

If you are under investigation as a tax professional, McLaughlin Legal can help.

Interested in Learning More? Interested in Learning More?
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