About our firm: Who we are, and what we stand for

McLaughlin Legal was formed in 2009 as a boutique San Diego tax law firm. We provide responsive solutions for all types of civil and criminal tax disputes, estate planning, estate administration, and more. Today McLaughlin Legal helps individuals and businesses with tax audits, appeals, criminal tax investigations, drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more.

Since its beginning, the firm has focused only on tax law, with an emphasis on two complementary practice areas: (1) civil and criminal tax litigation, and (2) tax and estate planning. Within these two concentrated practice areas, McLaughlin Legal is dedicated to three core principals:

We take your business personally

McLaughlin Legal knows that each client’s goals, objectives, and issues are unique. We pride ourselves on a personalized approach to each client’s case and responsiveness to their needs. We believe in having a strong personal relationship with each individual client who entrusts us with their matter.

We are extremely specialized in our fields

McLaughlin Legal prioritizes expertise and a confidence in our concentrated areas of the law. By concentrating our practice on tax litigation and estate planning, McLaughlin Legal can offer the same resources of larger law firms with more personalized and cost-effective services. When a client needs tax litigation or estate planning services, we can match the level of service of any other law firm.

We are committed to your well-being

McLaughlin Legal is committed to achieving the best result possible for each client who entrusts us with their case. We believe that being responsive, trustworthy, patient, professional, and honorable are the foundations of a successful law firm. Our firm is driven by the highest commitment to protecting our clients’ rights and achieving the best results possible.

Within these two complementary practice areas, some of the more commons matters McLaughlin Legal handles include:

  • Audit Defense
  • Tax Appeals
  • Criminal Tax Investigations
  • U.S. Tax Court Litigation
  • Tax Collection Matters
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate
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Today McLaughlin Legal helps individuals and businesses with all types of Federal and California tax disputes, and in building detailed tax and estate plans for peace of mind. Our two complementary practice areas is one of McLaughlin Legal‘s distinguishing factors. While many San Diego tax attorneys and San Diego tax law firms handle tax planning, far fewer San Diego tax attorneys defend taxpayers in civil and criminal tax controversies. Unlike other boutique tax firms, McLaughlin Legal advises individuals, families, and businesses in tax and estate planning matters (including drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more), but also has extensive experience in both civil and criminal tax litigation.

In this way McLaughlin Legal compliments its estate and tax planning practice by knowing full well the consequences of poor or no tax planning. Conversely, McLaughlin Legal does not simply put a bandage on a tax dispute like other tax litigation firms. By drawing on our tax and estate planning practice, we are able to resolve a tax dispute, but then address and fix the issues that gave rise to the underlying case. This allows McLaughlin Legal to represent clients who have tax problems with the IRS or a California tax agency, but also advise on other tax law issues with a perspective not found elsewhere.

McLaughlin Legal’s ultimate goal is to ensure our clients’ rights are protected, they enjoy tax efficient endeavors, and they preserve their wealth while achieving greater family or business goals.

As a San Diego tax law firm, McLaughlin Legal can deliver responsive solutions by analyzing tax issues, fixing tax problems, and developing lasting strategies to achieve your desired goals. McLaughlin Legal knows that each client has unique family and business objectives, and we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to counseling each client who entrusts us with their matter.