IRS’s New Budget Likely Signals More Tax Enforcement

President Biden and his administration recently requested a $1.2 billion increase in funding for the IRS for Fiscal Year 2022. The additional $1.2 billion would increase the IRS’s budget by roughly 10% to a total of $13.2 billion. It is believed that the additional funding will be used to increase IRS enforcement, especially for high-income individuals who are believed to be non-compliant and/or more likely to circumvent their tax obligations.

The $1.2 billion increase also marks a change in a long-time decline in IRS funding and workforce.

What does that mean for you?

If the IRS’s budget is increased, as proposed, increased enforcement is almost a certainty. It is expected that this will increase both audits and collection efforts. Exactly who may be audited is unclear, but taxpayers should consider preparing themselves now. Documents should be prepared and organized and have them audit-ready if necessary.

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