Kevan McLaughlin Recognized in the Inaugural Edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch

McLaughlin Legal is pleased to announce that Kevan McLaughlin and Mauro Colabianchi received their 2020 San Diego “Super Lawyers” and “Rising Star” designation earlier this month.

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld a decision by the US Court of Federal Claims affirming an IRS penalty imposed on willful non-filer of a required return.  The Internal Revenue Code §5314 mandates than US…Read more

Kevan McLaughlin Named Finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s Leader’s in Law Award

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With the increasing commercial success of ancestry and health genetic tests, the question has arisen whether amounts paid to obtain information about one’s genetic health are deductible under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  In August, the IRS answered that question…Read more

Finding out or determining that something got left out of your return after you filed can get fixed. Tax regulatory bodies will ask a bigger question as to ask what and why the omission occurred. If the matter at hand…Read more